Nero Take Us To The Movies…

nero at the movies

Weeks remain until Nero drop their LONG awaited second album Between II Worlds, so here’s a little something that should keep us entertained while we wait. Well, five minutes at least. Probably 10 as it’s loaded with so much you may want to listen again…

On Friday the London trio delivered a unique Minimix to Annie Mac for her BBC Radio 1 show. While most DJs use the Minimix as a means to showcase their love for electronic music (Andy C’s live one remains the best on that tip, by a several country miles), Nero have used their Minimix as a means to show their love for cinematic dynamics original soundtrack scores… A world they’ve already enjoyed success in with their contribution to The Great Gatsby entitled Into The Past.

Opening with the iconic 20th Century Fox horn fanfare, the proceeding five minutes plunges deep into big screen bliss as they bombard us with sonic moments from an array of our favourite films throughout the ages: Terminator, Easy Rider, Trainspotting, Bladerunner, Kill Bill, Star Wars, Lion King, 8 Mile and many more.

Download the mix directly from BBC Radio 1, or check this cheeky YouTube rip:

Nero – Between II Worlds was original scheduled for release this Friday but has since been delayed until Friday September 11. Pre-order it here