Nervana: Headphones That Get You High?


We all get a buzz from good headphones: that cosy, world-shunning snug of satisfaction. Population you and you alone. But what if headphones could do more? Like give you a cheeky buzz as well as play your favourite music?

The dream is closer than you think… Nervana headphones. Launched at CES last month, they don’t just let you feel the music sonically but physically, too.

It’s best to clarify that Nervana don’t use the term ‘high’ and they probably try to avoid it. The key phrase here is ‘Vagus nerve stimulation’, a technique that has been used to treat forms of depression (and even strong cases of hiccups) and works by sending electrical pulses to your cranial nerves, triggering neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. Nervana’s headphones, however, are the first consumer product that doesn’t utilise vagus nerve stimulation invasively and sends the pulses along your ear canal.

The result? A natural buzz that synchronises with the music you’re playing. The company has uploaded some testimonials on their YouTube. They seem legit. This guy is the best, though… After the Nervana experience he found his hangover was gone!

So, let’s get this straight: headphones that give a little buzz and potentially relieve hangovers? Seriously shut up and take our money!

Nervana headphones are on pre-sale and expected to roll out this spring at $299. Sign up for more details on their website or follow them on Facebook

Source: Your EDM

Image: Nervana