Netsky confirms collaborations on new album and month of release

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We’re not ones to wish the summer away but winter can’t come soon enough… Netsky has confirmed that his third album will be released in November.

Speaking to DJ Mag after his Wireless performance – during which he debuted Thunder live with Emeli Sande – in the short video interview he discusses how his collaboration with her came about and confirmed a few additional exciting facts about his album which were previously unknown to us.

Explaining how the collaboration with Emeli was organic and actually came about through a tip off from her manager’s little D&B-loving brother, the pair of them met and enjoyed several sessions together and how he was pleased it wasn’t a forced top-line over his beats (something drum & bass has seen a lot of lately)

While he admits he hasn’t got a name for the album, Netsky does clearly state that the album will land in November. This is the first time, to our knowledge, he’s given an actual month for the release. He also confirms that Emeli will feature on the album as will London singer Jodie Abacus who’s currently causing cool ripples this summer with the Jamie Lidell-style pop-funk cut Good Feeling.

As for further collaborations, he explains that he wants to keep them secret, but he does give a clear indication of what to expect musicially…

“There are a couple of genres I was really interested in trying, which I’ve finally found time to do,” he states and later explains how “there’s lots of drum & bass on there” and that “there a couple of tunes that are going back to my old style which I’ve wanted to for a while.”

We can’t wait to hear it. Check the full video below:

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