A New Record Has Been Set For Longest DJ Set

DJ Obi

Shouts to Nigerian selector DJ Obi. On July 1 he smashed the Guiness World Record for longest marathon DJ set by a staggering 29 hours.

While his feat has been big news in his native Lagos for 10 days, it’s only since BBC reported it and a number of music blogs have picked up on it. Better late than never… From June 22 to July 1 Obi did what most us would consider to be physically unthinkable and continuously manned the controls at Sao Cafe (taking the short 2 hours breaks every 24 hours that Guiness allow) for 229 hours.

The Guiness rules are simple:

The DJ can take a five minute break every hour (or accumulate them into 2 hours rest every 24 hours)

There must be at least one person dancing on the dancefloor at all times

No song twice in four hours

No drugs or illegal stimulants are to be taken by the DJ

Here’s the moment he started this insane sleepless mission. Check the size of his entourage and sponsors. It’s clear that Obi – who according to Lagos press has worked with the likes of  Lupe Fiasco, 2face and many more in the past – meant the business from the off.

No size of team can combat the challenges of sleep-deprived psychosis, however. While Obi – who has previously won Best DJ at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards – was provided vitamins and nutrients and looked after by a professional medical team, he still suffered grave side affects of his ambition, stating to the BBC that by mid-way he was already hallucinating.

“I woke up hallucinating after 4 or 5 days and had lost full control of my body…I used the loss my father as an inspiration, constantly thinking to myself that my Dad was watching me and would be disappointed if I failed.”

His inspiration clearly kept him going. Here’s the moment he smashed the previous record of 200 hours (held by Polish DJ Norbert Selmaj since November 2014)

Obi Ajuonuma then proceeded to play for another day and five hours to ensure the record was well and truly set and will be incredibly hard to beat. We all love a good mix session but 10 days with just two hours kip every day? Surely at one point this world record will simply become unbreakable.

In the meantime biggups to DJ Obi and here’s how DJ culture has arrived at this immense feat of physical DJ endurance….

Previous winners/attempts that we can find… 

November 2014: Norbert Selmaj (Poland) – 200 hours
December 2012: Smoking Joe (Australia) – 168 hours
May 2012: DJ Hertz (Australia) – 152 hours
June 2010: Allun Evans (UK) – 141 hours
February 2009: DJ Chris Evans (Switzerland) – 120 hours
July 2008: DJ Gee Papa (Cyprus) – 116 hours
January 2006: DJ Urb (UK) – 100 hours
June 2003: DJ Buddy Love (US) – 80 hours

Image source: DJ Obi Instagram