Noisia announce name change


We can exclusively reveal that as of Monday May 2 2016 Dutch tech giants Noisia will be changing their name to Nosia.

The revelation came about yesterday in a forthcoming UKF interview with the trio regarding their summer release plans, label movements, studio developments and thoughts on the current state of drum & bass.

In a rare face-to-face chat with all three members of the Dutch group, Thijs, Nik and Martijn explained how consistent spelling errors and confusion over their name have been problematic since they launched in 2003.

“Perhaps because it’s not a real word, I don’t know, but people have always misspelled our name,” explains Thijs. “We’ve seen Nosia printed in two metre high billboards and even had it printed on the cover of a well known dance music magazine.”

“At first we found it quite funny,” Nik develops. “We’ve been calling ourselves Nosia and our Groningen studios have been called Nosia Towers for years! But, just like a good cat meme or silly Twitter beef, the joke has worn thin and, we’ve recently experienced, has actually caused us problems touring.”

The trio explain how the situation escalated as recently as last month when applying for a various international Visas.

“Consulates have to research your validity as touring artists and large question marks came back from the administrators of this particular application regarding the two names,” states Martijn. “There were insinuations that we weren’t being entirely truthful about our details and our Visa was denied! A joke is a joke but the whole situation has made us reconsider our name and overall branding.”

Remixing their existing distinctive logo, the trio wanted to alert fans to the news as soon as possible in order so those of us who can spell it correctly get accustomed to it. Mercifully everything else will remain the same; their music, their DJ sets, their labels, their radio shows and their attitude.

“They always say there’s no ‘i’ in team, but it seems there are too many ‘i’s in Noisia,” laughs Thijs who’s no stranger to subtle name changes, having released music under the name Thys. “We thought about changing our name entirely but using a name that we already accidently have makes a lot more sense and should hopefully avoid any future errors. Plus we’ve recently learnt that Nosia gets more search hits on Google than Noisia does anyway. Put it this way; we’d change it today if we could but there are one or two more legal processes we need to adhere to.” Geneve

Noisia is dead, long live Nosia… Expect to see their new name and logo on all Nosia releases, websites, social media accounts and merchandise from Monday May 2 2016.

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