Noisia – Outer Edges released six weeks early due to leak

Noisia 2016 press kit 2 by Rutger Prins

Good news: Noisia’s highly anticipated second album Outer Edges is available a whole six weeks earlier than we anticipated. And it really is an astonishingly complex, immersive piece of work

Bad news: It was subject to one of the most confounding, frustrating and outright insulting practices in internet music culture… It leaked.

In one way we kinda get it; when an act you absolutely love announces new music you really do want to hear it as soon as you can. But disrespecting (read: shredding the shit out of) a plan in which the act and their team has invested huge amounts of time and passion and craft to do this? No.

What makes it even worse is that, due to the whole prestige of leaking, the person responsible may not even be a fan… They may have been doing it simply to be the first.

There are many other issues with leaking that frustrate and insult the people who have devoted their careers to soundtracking our lives and inspiring us: as well as harming artists’ earnings that – you know – help them stay healthy, alive and making music for a long time to come, leaked versions are almost always not the final version that’s meant to be released. We’ve waited six years for Outer Edges… We’ll happily wait another six weeks to make sure what we’re hearing sounds the best it possibly can and is presented in the way Noisia intended.

What’s particularly galling about Noisia’s album leak, certainly for the trio themselves, is that they discovered the leak¬†minutes before their immense Outer Edges show debut at Let It Roll. Mercifully you never could have told: the show was a heavyweight hurricane of total a/v captivity that spans much of Noisia’s finest moments as well as a considerable chunk of the album that we’d never heard before. Well… Those of us who hadn’t supported the leaked version.

Naturally Noisia have responded in their own firm way by releasing the album on their website now and all streaming services on Friday. Those wishing physical copies will still have to wait until the original release date of September 16.

Here’s their official statement….

Friday night, while we were in the final minutes of setting up the stage for our first ever Outer Edges show, we received the news that our album had been leaked. We think you can imagine how bad we felt at that moment :'(

We realise it’s 2016, and things like these happen all the time. Still, it’s quite a setback. All the plans we’ve made have to be scrapped and replaced by something less ideal, because we have to react to this unfortunate situation.

So far in releasing this album, we’ve made a conscious effort to make every track that’s available somewhere, available everywhere. If you pre-ordered the album on Itunes or our webstore, you received the new track the same day it was first premiered on Soundcloud. We believe that users of all platforms should be able to listen to our music pretty much the minute it’s available anywhere else. In this philosophy, the availability of our whole album on illegal download sites means that we have to make it available on all platforms.

So here’s our reaction:

We have immediately changed all our previous plans and made the whole album available to buy on our web store right now. All other digital platforms will follow this Friday August 5th, that was the quickest date we could manage. The physical products (Vinyl/CD/Merch) are still in production so their release date will remain September 16th.

Even though we are unhappy about this leak, we’re still really happy with the music. We really hope you will enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.


Thijs, Martijn, Nik

PS. Thanks to whoever leaked our album, next time please do it after the album is out, maybe we can coordinate? Oh wait, that wouldn’t really be leaking… And besides, we don’t negotiate with terror..leaking persons. No, instead we will fold, and adjust our entire strategy. Take that! We hope you get stung by a lot of mosquitoes this summer, and maybe also next summer.

And the summer after that, too. Visit Noisia’s store to buy Outer Edges.

Watch out later this week for a full interview about the album. 

Photo: Rutget Prins