Noisia & The Upbeats Present… Dead Limit


Coming to a picture house near you this summer…

A Noisia & The Upbeats four-part production, brought to you in association with Vision Recordings:



A brutal tale of five men searching for black and white in an ugly world of greys. Faced with adversity, b-movie cliches and the mysterious criminal mastermind Underwater Shark on every twist and turn, when going got tough they had to hit the limit.

Little did they know how hard the limit would hit them back!

Is Martijn lighting a molotov cocktail or has he just invented a brand new sexy summer drink at last weekend’s Noisia Invites festival?

Is Thijs launching missiles or is he removing a battery from a really old crappy TV remote?

Is Dylan carrying dossiers that could change the fate of nations in his briefcase… Or is he simply packing some really tasty ham sandwiches for his lunch?

And does Nik have windscreen cover on his motor insurance?

NONE of these questions will be answered when Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit lands on August 31. Featuring three brand new productions PLUS the track we’ve all been waiting years for (Mouthbreather!!), Dead Limit is the fivesome at their finest.

Pre-order here and stay tuned to UKF Drum & Bass next week for an early taster of what is set to be the feel good movie of the summer. It’s already roused the world’s most notable critics into a frenzy…

“Jones’ depth of character is mouth-watering” 9/10 – RuPaul LeSnack, Variety

“Great stunt sequences hampered by a terrible soundtrack” 2/10 – Mario van Peebles

2015 Shark Documentary Festival Awards Honorary Mention

“Depicts gravely the ongoing struggle between man and wild insects” 7/10 – National Geographic

“Maintaining an astonishing level of personality without a single line of dialogue” 3/10 – PowerDommel Film Review

“Weak spreads from both Roos and van Sonderen” 1/10 EnragedBoner

“Densely woven dreams of aesthetic defilement permeate subtly through a vista of modern life’s discombobulated reality” 10/10 C. Sniffer Weekly