NQ State of Mind Vol. 3

Fans of the melanchoclic melodies  provided by The North Quarter, today can bask in the supremely dulcet warmth of the latest edition of NQ State Of Mind. The third edition of the imprint’s mixtape series comes courtesy of two of the scene’s beloved long-time grinders- FD and T-man

As can be expected from FD, the mix is pieced together with expert precision. Perfectly balancing the calming tones of rolling liquid with an energy and excitement which your shuffling shoulders and quick head nods will be unable to resist. The beginning of the mix lulls you into a seductive state of serenity before switching into an exploration of the deepest and darkest depths d&b has to offer. While throughout T-Man’s compelling vocals create a continuous thread of conscious tranquillity sitting seemingly effortlessly over the full spectrum of vibes.

The beguiling mix pulls together a snapshot of the last six years of Lenzman’s much loved Amsterdam based label and includes 40 tracks from TNQ mainstay artists such as Redeyes, Submophics and Zero T. As well as our favourites, the selection contains some surprising cuts, but no spoilers here. NQ state Of Mind Vol.3 also includes eight additional exclusive tracks that are set to whet your appetite for 2023 and beyond.

The mix tape will be released 16 Dec.