My Nu Leng get ready for the most important weekend of their career so far

Everyone loves a long weekend. But how about a Leng weekend?

That’s exactly what’s popping at London’s Village Underground this Friday and Saturday as Tommy and Jammo Leng take their My Nu Leng & M8s tour to a whole new level. Across two nights they’ll be exploring the fullest breadth of their selections and influences with two very distinct vibes dedicated to each event.

Friday is all about the boys’ own excursions with an all-night adventure of their own while Saturday will see the boys invite their m8s over for an all-out b2bs sesh. Klose One goes toe-to-toe with Benton, Chimpo spars with Barely Legal and Bristol legends Clipz and Die go head to head for the first time in many, many years. This is going to be a weekend to remember. We caught up with the Bristol duo to find out how they’re preparing for this…

Taking over a club for a whole weekend. This is a mad mission. What inspired this?

We really wanted to attempt something different, to put ourselves out of our comfort zones and try find time to show case all our influences we have built up over the last 10 plus years. Both nights are going to be very different. Friday is all about the journey and covering every genre we love, we are going to put a lot of thought in to the music we get together for that night and hopefully people enjoy the ride between each style over the night. Saturday is a bit of a celebration of our mates and the tour so far, we are honoured to have such a huge support on Saturday.

Those b2bs look tasty on the Sat. Do you pick these DJ combos?

Every DJ that has played on one of the M8s nights is a friend of ours and someone we have built a relationship with over the years. Saturday is no different: Klose One and Benton, Chimpo and Barely Legal are some of the best to do it! And it is a huge honour to have Clipz and Die back to back for the first time in around 10 years!

What inspired the all night Friday set? And have you ever done an all night set before? 

We wanted the two nights to have a different approach to people watch DJs. The shorter sets on Saturday backed up with an amazing support and the extended 4 plus hour set on Friday. We are both big fans of extended sets…

This is a whole different approach to sets in terms of dynamics, drawing and pace. How are you approaching it? 

It is definitely about the journey and pacing over the night. We want to make the transitions between the styles and genres almost unnoticeable. At the end of the night we hope people can look back and realise there’s a bit more to us than making and playing ‘bangers’ so to speak. We’ve grown up with such varying influences that we don’t get a chance to play so much in our normal sets, so it will be nice to explore this.

What styles and directions are you most excited about exploring that you don’t usually get to explore? 

Our mixes have always been a really important thing for us. We’ve had a lot of fun going back to studio mixes from six-plus years ago and rediscovered all the music that inspired us then, it’s nice going back to past musical eras, even a few years ago the scene was so different. The biggest tunes weren’t sounding like the ‘big’ tunes now. We’ve been lucky enough to experience so many of these changes that this will give us an opportunity to put them all together, all the tunes that we don’t have time to play normally and things we appreciate musically, rather than stuff that will just get people jumping around.

Give us some tunes you know you’re going to play…

The Grid VIP, many other VIPs and probably a few of these….

Wadsworth – Lime & Pink

Reservoir Dogs – Buddah Finger

Calibre – Highlander

Pariah – Orpheus

Narrows – Saved Soul

Chase & Status – Tricky

Join My Nu Leng & M8s March 2 – 3 @ Village Underground

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