It’s official: Kove is back!

Kove, it’s been a while…

Until last week it had been over a year  since we last heard anything from him. Not a remix, not a single, not even a Facebook post or scandalous rumour. Then suddenly, last Friday, this dropped…

… And all was well with the world.

Ain’t No Love comes as part of a four track EP: In From The Cold. Released on Drum&BassArena, the whole EP stinks of the classic Kove who broke through with raw, emotional bangers such as Iodine and Searching; direct and tailored for the floor, it’s the sound of an artist going back to his roots, having fun and packing one of his finest punches to date. We called him to find out more…

You’re back! Where have you been?

I’ve been at home mainly! I’ve been exploring a lot of different musical avenues, doing some additional production, writing and sessions and things like that. It’s also important to reassess from time to time and enjoy things like being at home with my missus on the weekends. I fell out of love with electronic music for a while. I was feeling a little jaded and it’s a very solitary existence half the time.

Additional production eh? All within the electronic world, or a variety?

A nice variety. A lot of pop stuff but that falls under the electronic umbrella anyway I guess. It’s been cool to stretch my legs a bit, challenge myself musically and see what I can do.

A lot of acts who go into that world don’t come back. Was there ever a point where you thought ‘fuck dance music! I’ve got my weekends back!’?

Maybe once or twice but I think deep down I knew I was going to make some dancefloor tracks again and making this EP has definitely helped me find that love again. It’s like ‘oh yeah! This is loads of fun!’ That’s the thing with drum & bass; it sticks with you.

It does. What was the first tune you made on the EP that triggered the old reacquaintance?

The lead tune on the EP Ain’t No Love. A friend of mine was recording a voiceover in the studio and at the end of the session he just started messing around and adlibbing. He did that ain’t no love line and I was like ‘woah hold on there! Do that again!’ We recorded it and it came together really quickly into the jungly roller you hear today.

It tips a nod at the old Kove sound. That emotional Searching vibe. Did you feel you were tapping into some old Kove feels when you were doing it?

I did throughout the EP. I wanted to make sure the tracks had that slightly raw feel and not perfectly polished. Like with Give Them Hell; it’s just a heavy dancefloor tune. I think music can get a little digitised and over-finessed and maybe I’ve been guilty of that myself in the past. So yeah, I’ve gone back to the mindset I had when I first came through as much as possible.

Valkyrie is banger!

Thank you. That started as a house song I wrote a few years ago back when I was messing around with other genres. I felt the riff was good but it sounded even better over a faster tempo. That came together really quickly too. All the tracks did.

It was interesting seeing the predictions on who was behind Ain’t No Love when Drum&BassArena teased with a cheeky clip last week.

I know! I had Calibre, S.P.Y… Even Andy C. That was a bit weird! The whole build up has been really nice actually. I haven’t posted on my social media for a long time so I didn’t know how people would react to anything really. So to have some really positive reactions to any type of comeback is great. It shows there’s at least some interest in my drum & bass which is nice to see.

Sounds like you really are in from the cold!

100 percent. It feels right this time, I’m more focused on what I want to achieve too – last time I was experimenting with a lot of genres but that didn’t feel quite right so next year all I have in my diary is ‘make more drum & bass’.

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