Oliver Heldens kicks it old school… Again

oliver heldens

Oliver Heldens is on a serious roll this year. This summer he’s slapped our chops silly with various bass riddled Hi-Lo high fives… First there was Crank It Up.

Then came the free download Wappy Flirt and his devilish shake-up of Renegade Master. But neither kick as hard as the old school 90s edit he’s teased this week.

Released in 1997, Da Hool’s Meet Her At The Love Parade is an iconic track that captures a really exciting period in the electronic music. The boundaries between trance and house were breaking down, big dance-focused festivals such as Creamfields and Homelands were starting to pop up, superclubs were taking over and radio stations started playing electronic music during the day: the world was beginning to realise that electronic music couldn’t be ignored and was only going to get bigger.

Da Hool’s original riff remains timeless but the beats did need a good shoeing into the 21st century… And Oliver Heldens is the perfect man for the job. Big breakbeats, juicy bass and a groove that doesn’t quit; this is Oliver’s finest Hi-Lo moment to date. Roll on September 28 when it’s released and we can hear more than 2 minutes 20 seconds of it.

Oliver Heldens & Da Hool – MHATLP (HI-LO Edit)