Only Two Days Left To Buy Villem’s Album – OLLY


Once again the drum & bass community has shown its true supportive colours and got fully behind a very heartfelt and touching fundraiser by Spearhead artist / Murkt boss Villem:


Saddened by the news of his friends’ 10 year old son Olly being diagnosed with cancer, Villem has put together a limited edition digital album named after him. Featuring 10 exclusive tracks, including collaborations with Mako, McLeod, Nymfo and two very special secret bootlegs, the album is only on sale until Thursday June 24. Every single penny from the album will go direct to Olly’s parents Nikki and Pete.


“It’s heartbreaking to hear anyone having to think about this with regard to their children,” stated Villem on Facebook when he announced the album. “Money will be used to give Olly some great experiences that we all take for granted we’ll be able to do, so let’s dig deep.”

Dig deep and get some incredible music in return. The album is only available for two more days so get involved now and help Villem raise as much money as possible for his friends and young Olly. For more details and the tracklist please click on the post below. We’re sending all our love to Olly, his parents and Villem right now.