Outcasts: Savant unleashes biggest project to date


After weeks of teases online, and all CD packages sold out weeks ago, Savant – Outcasts is finally available today.

Savant has always been a prolific artist with at least one – usually more like three – albums flying out of his brain/studio every year. But Outcasts is a whole new level…. 53 tracks. All unreleased. Spanning the last four years of his career.

Joining the dots between his industrial strength bass, his fizzy pop harmonics, his tongue-in-cheek EDM and his far-out beat frenzies, Outcasts make sense of his work so far. Or as much sense you can hope for – Savant operates in a world of his own in a way that’s dizzying for even the fans who pay the closest attention.

This year alone has seen him unleash genre-melting multi-layered/multi-version singer/songwriter material (Fire), star-studded hip-hop (Get It Get It with Snoop and DMX) then a sudden leftfield bass/beat album that was originally meant to be an EP (Vybz). He’s also alluded to scoring things year and we’re sure there are million other projects he’s not ready to announce yet.

With the artwork (designed and illustrated by the man himself, standardly) referencing all his major albums and a whole quarter of the package dedicated to VIPs, Outcasts is a Savant odyssey that will keep the most demanding fan satiated until he drops his next ambitious project.

Knowing Savant this could even happen by the end of the year. In the mean time, grab the full set (and catch up on everything else he’s ever created and given to the world) on his Bandcamp.

Here’s part one of Outcasts’ four chapter saga to get you going….