Pendulum reunite at V Festival!


HUGE news: Pendulum just played together for the first time in four years!

Attendees at V Festival were treated to a massive surprise set as El Hornet was randomly joined on stage by fellow members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen.

We’re not sure whether it was a planned move or an impromptu reunion, but do we care either way? Not at all!

The excitement started as soon as Rob Swire tweeted:

And confirmation of the reunion came when the above image was posted on their Facebook page – an image that has taken social media by storm and one that has got us VERY excited about what’s to come from them in the future.

Is this the first of many sets together? Let’s hope so…

V Festival right now.

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Image Credit: Pendulum


6 thoughts on “Pendulum reunite at V Festival!”

  • I swear I read months ago they were back together and working on a new album. I guess this is like the first view of them together outside of that. Which V festival were they at? I mean which county.

  • I still won’t be satisfied until they release a new album
    It’s been way too long

  • Pendulum reunion is by far the best news today. Btw, there are still few other drum & bass bands active wink emoticon wink emoticon *wink* . If Youre into that kind of sound, check out

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