Phace reveals new single: So Excited / Lit Up


The time has come… it is weekend again… you want to have fun…

Finally, the time has really come… We’re able to confirm that Phace will be – at long last – unleashing one of his biggest secret weapons in recent years: On June 24, the German über-producer’s brand new single So Excited / Lit Up will drop on Neosignal.

Coupled with the brand new Lit Up (a track that so far has escaped any public recordings or sneaky leaks), So Excited follows a rich run of forward-thinking releases on Neosignal and its digital counterpart Neodigital from the likes of Proxima, Mefjus and label bosses Phace and Misanthrop themselves. Lighting up dancefloors across the globe every weekend, Phace explains what gets him going on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and any other day too.

“I get excited pretty much every weekend when I play out music to other people and also during the week when I work on a new track and it catches me! If what I do didn’t excite me any more I’d quit! This weekend I am doing a trip to Paris with some of my good friends. So I’m excited about it, right?!”

We’ll be dropping the lead track from the new single next Friday on UKF D&B, and on Monday you can get your grubby mitts on Phace’s debut UKF Podcast. Excited? Phace has you covered…

Pre-order Phace – So Excited / Lit Up from Neosignal’s new web shop: