Photoshop crew! The Upbeats have a new meme…

The upbeats 13

Almost two years have passed since the legendary #Frictionlean… It’s high time the drum & bass community had ourselves a new meme to get creative with.

Redditors/The Upbeats, please take a bow… Around 6am UK time Redditor Artersa threw down the Photoshop Battle gauntlet inviting creative members of the site to get busy with this image from The Upbeats current tour… And now you can harness the power of Photoshop across desktop and iPad to create wherever inspiration strikes.


Within an hour The Upbeats had already shared the post and offered some merch to the funniest one. Less than six hours later and there are already a whole stack of brilliantly crude, daft and stupid images. Here they are so far. Most of them pitch Jeremy as the bliss-eyed, invisible-object holding star of the show but Dylan’s studious deck pose isn’t without its creative potential too.

Massive shout out to the creative souls behind these ridiculous memes. Without you, the internet would be a dull place indeed. Hopefully this is the tip of the iceberg so we’ll update it in due course…

The upbeats 14 the upbeats 15The upbeats 13 the upbeats 11 the upbeats 9 the upbeats 8 the upbeats 5 the upbeats 4 the upbeats 3 the upbeats

Mans on toilet. (1)RMEIKyFthe upbeats 16

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