Plastician announces Rinse FM departure

It’s the end of an era…

Plastician has just taken to Facebook to announce he will be leaving Rinse FM at the end of this month. It will be the first break in his weekly radio career since he emerged on the pirates in 2000 and the end of Rinse’s longest running weekly show in the station’s history. Regular listeners will understand how big a deal this is; throughout his career Plastician has constantly grafted hard at the tastemaker coalface, unearthing sounds, talents and fusions that have never been broadcast before.

Follow the bass music lineage at any point this century and the name Plastician – previously known as Plasticman and, for a brief stint as he moonlit between Radio 1 and Rinse, Blue Stripe – is deeply inscribed. UKG, grime, dubstep, LA beats, wave and all things in between have been celebrated and championed and brought to the forefront over the years, always in the Croydon artist’s unabashed, supportive style. Never afraid to break new sounds and represent brand new artists without concern or fear of profile, hype or trend, Plastician understands radio craft and his shows always guide you to places you didn’t know you wanted to be. For a little background and context on Plastician’s development as a broadcaster, this interview we published a few years back is still valid as he explains his journey from his earliest releases and his Rinse debut.

Fortunately he’s not ditching this side of multi-role career which comprises label owner, producer and DJ. Rather, he’s switching it to an independent broadcast via his socials, which is set to launch mid August. He can also be expected to reappear on Rinse for occasional one-off specials. Here’s his full statement. We wish Plastician all the best for his future endeavours and will report next month’s launch when we have full details…

Picture credit: Shaun Bloodworth