Pola & Bryson Sign To Shogun Audio

They’ve been hinting for a while on socials (and are playing for them in the second room at our Printworks debut this weekend!) but now it’s officially official…

Fast-rising deep D&B duo Pola & Bryson are now officially members of Friction’s Shogun Audio family. And it starts February 24 with a soulful statement of intent: Find Your Way EP.

The deal has been in discussion since Pola & Bryson were putting the final touches on their debut album This Time Last Year on their own co-run label Soulvent Records

“Ed got in touch with us and wanted to hear some stuff,” explains Bryson, also known as Harry. “It just so happened we’d finished our album at the time so sent them that. Then he invited us down to Brighton for a meeting quickly after.”

“We thought ‘maybe they just want to say hello?’” laughs Pola, also known as Jack. “We went for coffee and orange juice, they told us they liked what we were doing and wanted to give us a contract. We thought ‘shit! This is mad!”

While most acts take a break for reflection after their debut album, Pola & Bryson got to work straight away on a whole new body of work. The next time they met Friction and Shogun’s A&R team they already had 32 tracks and ideas down… Which have now been reduced and concentrated down to the four tracks on their Shogun debut.

With Friction’s love for a liquid roller highly publicised, and Technimatic already showcasing just how soulful Shogun can be when it wants, Jack and Harry instantly felt welcome and at home.

“We didn’t want to sign with a label that strictly releases liquid,” says Harry. “Shogun are so varied – they’ve got Technimatic, Prolix, Rockwell, Icicle, Joe Ford, Fourward, Ed:It… They all shine just as brightly. It’s about calibre and skill rather than status.”

Already working on their first album for Shogun, Pola & Bryson – Find Your Way is a stark peak into what’s to come. Here’s a track by track breakdown from the guys.

Find Your Way

Bryson: Charlotte Haining was great – it was amazing to work with her because we’d wanted to for years. She just put a Facebook post up saying ‘I’m in London, anyone up for working on anything?’ I just replied saying ‘yeah’. She came over and it came together so quickly and naturally.

Moment’s Notice

Pola: This came about through Harry being a jazz pro. All our chords are written by Harry, he’s the genius. We wanted a jazzy, Rhodes-esque liquid roller and this came about. It was originally called Crepuscular for about 4/5 months. Two days before the EP deadline we wanted to change the name for obvious reasons, so moment’s notice it was!


Bryson: This started out as a soundtrack. That’s how we do it with most tracks; start out with atmospherics and once we’re happy, we’ll work out how it can be converted into a drum & bass track. It’s a great way to get into a track. We’ve wanted to write a big intro track like a set-opener like this for years.


Bryson: That was me playing on the piano recording some random chord progressions and sampling it the old school way.

Pola: We love sampling and the art of it but it’s so restrictive legally so having a naturally talented piano player in your group is the best alternative. He can make the samples!

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Catch Pola & Bryson @ UKF, Printworks, February 11 alongside Friction, Feed Me, Netsky, Sub Focus, Dimension, Mollie Collins and many more 

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