Political Drumz unite D&B community with #HelpUkraine LP

Following the release of the humungous Together With Ukraine album earlier this month, here’s another excellent example of how the drum & bass community is working together to help raise awareness and relief for those who need it.

This time young UK imprint Political Drumz has rallied the scene. Run by Sinez and Napa, last week the label scored number one across all genres on Juno Download with B-Plexx‘s Rollies EP, now they’re following it up with the #HelpUkraine VA album. 20 tracks strong ranging from murky half time to pungent jump-up, the roll-call is stacked with exciting talents across the generations including Jayline, K Jah, Kidsonic, Dreadnaught, Agro, B-Plexx, Adz, Shayper and many more.

All funds raised will be donated to the DEC Humanitarian Fund who are on the ground in Ukraine helping innocent civilians and families currently under attack from Russian forces. The album is available on Bandcamp for £10 or more. Please get involved if you’re able to. Read on for a short interview with Sinez about the album and the future plans for Political Drumz.

This is the biggest release you’ve done so far… Tell us everything

Yeah it’s been a mad couple weeks getting people together and involved in the project, I approached artists in the scene and shared posts on the Facebook page to invite people to send me tracks for the project and we managed to get 20 tunes in! The tunes we got in vary across the spectrum but here at Political Drumz we do prefer the jump up side of things haha!

It’s come together super quickly…

Yes I was amazed at how quick the guys got their tracks over. It takes me months to finish tunes! But yeah every single one of them to contribute I take off my hat and give them thanks, not only to the producers but to Guzi, I sent him the LP and he made sure everything was spot on mastering wise… He’s been busy moving house and tied down with his mastering company so didn’t have any music made so he contributed that way so massive big up to him too!

Yeah big up Guzi! It’s important that people use their platform to spread positivity, unity and peace, right? And with the name Political Drumz you’ve made it very clear that this is much more than music to you guys.

That’s right, we can’t go to Ukraine to fight on the frontline but we can help the innocent families being devastated by this war that is starting to unfold! It’s horrible to see and if we can help just one family with this project then that’s one more then we would by doing nothing.

The drum and bass scene is full of love and everyone is willing to do their bit! This is why I love the music so much! I always wanted to run a label from when I started making music myself in school, and now, with the help of my bro, we are nearly a year in and already achieved a handful of the targets we set ourselves when we started this… Including our first Juno Download number one across all genres last week with B-Plexx’s Rollies EP.

Yeah I saw that. Props. So tell us how the funds for the Help Ukraine album will be used…  

All money raised from the LP will be getting sent to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, the DEC are in Ukraine and neighbouring countries meeting the needs of the refugees forced out their homes, I feel personally this is the best place to send our help!

Amen. What’s next on the Political Drumz agenda?

Well we have Jayline’s Thump Junkie EP dropping this week and we have forthcoming releases from Vital, Top Dolla, dagz, Steryx and Joely. Then we have the year anniversary album and a bag of remixes coming too, so yeah the label is busy. We also have a garden party coming up in the summer as well as our annual boat party. So yeah, we’re just warming up nicely.

I just want to add a big thank you to everyone involved and just one more thing I want to say to you lot reading this… Please buy the LP, share it about and just enjoy it, together we can make a difference!

#HelpUkraine is out now on Political Drumz

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