PREMIERE: Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – Thug (Blackout Music)

black sun empire & state of mind - thug

Our first premiere of 2016… And it’s massive.

As revealed by the Blackout bossmen on this site last month, Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind are in cahoots once again with another full-strength EP to be released on Blackout Music, March 4.

And here’s the first track to be released from the as-yet-untitled EP: Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – Thug, comes our way January 29 and you can check it right here:

A bone-shaking follow up to last year’s Until The World Ends EP, Thug is unrelenting, dense, guaranteed to cause trouble in the dance and the tip of another muscular iceberg that Black Sun Empire describe as ‘bigger than State Of Mind Stu’s appetite’. Tasty.

With their collaborative partnership dating way back to 2008, and showing no signs of slowing, we asked both parties what it is that keeps them coming back for more…

Black Sun Empire

“We’re friends and over the years we’ve spend quite a lot of time together, so that makes being in the studio feel natural. We just try to have fun and it helps that our taste in drum and bass isn’t too far apart. This way we’re not running into many arguments whether a tune should go into a certain direction. Besides that I think it might have something to do with the fact that we have the same sense of humour, same taste of beer and same love for a punchy snare drum.”

State Of Mind

“It’s nice working with friends and not being concerned about whether someone likes the idea you are jamming on or whatever.  You can just throw out ideas.  It takes away the pressure. It’s also really simple as they use the same software, plugins and instruments as us. In fact, we work together so often we even have a few of their shortcuts programed into our own studio setups!  The only difference is those guys use Windows & we use Mac, but we can live with that.”

Long may this continue. Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – Thug is out January 29 2016 on Blackout Music

Full EP to follow March 4

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