The Prodigy reveal more album details

prodigy sleaford

Anticipation for new material from The Prodigy has developed once again…

Yesterday the influential UK rave act teased fans with more details on their forthcoming new album in the form of Facebook and Instagram posts confirming a collaboration with fellow UK non-conformists Sleaford Mods.

According to the band’s social media the two acts have written and recorded a new track entitled Ibiza and described it as “fukin deadly”. This exciting announcement was followed by a flurry of hashtagged hype including #youaintreadyforthisshit. We hate to correct one of the most important bands in electronic music but we really are ready for this… And everything else they fire at us.

Earlier this year Liam Howlett confirmed that an album was definitely en route and that it was set to be “wilder” and “more violent sounding”. This description resonates all the more since yesterday’s revelations… As those who are familiar with Sleaford Mods barbed poetry and punk ethos will know.

No further details have been confirmed on what will be their sixth studio album yet, but we can’t wait for it to land. In the meantime, here’s a Prodigy Top 10.

(Image source: The Prodigy)