The Prototypes Announce Get Hype Records

Prototypes New B

News just in: The Prototypes have just announced their own label – Get Hype Records

The announcement comes as a surprise as the duo enjoyed their most successful year to date last year with Viper and the release of their debut album City Of Gold. Now the duo plan on building on what they’ve achieved with their own brand.

Intended to be a vehicle for a variety of artists and not just exclusively The Prototypes, Get Hype is set to develop in the coming months. As with everything they’ve done since exploding into the scene with Cascade six years ago, they’re doing things their own way by their own rules… They’ll be giving away MP3s of all releases and proceeds made through other means will go directly to the artists to support them making music in the future.

The first release will drop on July 1. We get the feeling it might be called Rocket Gunz Blazin’ but we might be wrong. Read on and get hyped yourselves….

Why now?

Chris: The time feels right. Starting a record label and being in charge of our own music is something we’ve always wanted and now it just feels like we could go out on our own and actually make it happen, We also have an amazing team of people around us right now that all believe also. It’s a special time.

Nick: Yeah we’ve been signed exclusively twice now and we feel like it’s time that we were in total control of everything we do… The way music is right now I feel you will see this from a lot of other artists also. We’ve got a clear vision of where we believe the label can go and what it can achieve. We’ve never felt so ambitious and determined to make it work.

How does this affect your releases on Viper?

Chris: We are still apart of the family, they are a great label and have helped us massively over the last two years and we respect that. Ultimately, we just want total control and total freedom over our creativity.

Nick: Viper saved us when things weren’t going so well for us in 2013 and bought us back in to the scene really. We will always be affiliated with them in one way or another but it’s time to spread our wings and hopefully help other acts succeed along the way.

What are we actually getting hype for first?

Chris: RocketGunzBlazin’ is what you’re getting!

Nick: We just wanted to add that ALL of our releases on ‘Get Hype’ will be available for FREE in MP3 format directly from our website…all you have to do is join our mailing list, you will only have to do this once and then when new music is released it will be there waiting for you completely FREE.

Chris: This is something we felt strongly about & we want to give back to the listener and have better support for the artists. We want as many people to hear the music and have the best means of supporting our artists.

Nick: Musically, anyone that knows our sound and music will know it’s pretty big, bashy and in your face but I think the next batch of music we have is gonna really firmly imprint that sound on everyone and the label will be at the forefront of everything we do from now on. Its time to Get Very Hype.

Describe the future of Get Hype in three words…