The Prototypes Reveal First Get Hype Artist: GL\TCH C\TY


Welcome to GL\TCH C\TY. Population: You

Just as The Prototypes told us when they launched their new label Get Hype in May, we should expect a new league of fresh talent as well as their own blazing beats and firebrand funk.

Following the epic classically trained Rocket Gunz Blazin’ – a track that scored unanimous support from the biggest in the game and used as an intro track by Andy C for many key festivals – and their equally incendiary Transmission right here with UKF and Desperados, comes a brand new release from a brand new talent.

He’s called GL\TCH C\TY and he’s behind one of The Prototypes’ secret weapons for the summer: Black Hole Skank. It’s heavy, it’s out October 28 and it goes a bit like this…

In-keeping with the powerpunch theme of The Prototypes own material but with his own futuristic twist, GL\TCH C\TY is the perfect fit for Get Hype.

And with this release begins a whole new chapter for the label who are making all the right messages to be here for the long game: A sound is developing, a crew is forming and parties are happening. This Saturday, for instance, they’ve got Bad Company and Loadstar joining them at Brighton’s Coalition. Naturally GL\TCH C\TY is playing too.

Here’s a little more about this currently unknown space-loving banger conjurer…

Hello GL\TCH C\TY. We literally know nothing about you. What can you tell us about yourself? 

Hi there! I’m from London originally but based in Brighton. I’m a solo drum & bass act signed to Get Hype Records, The Prototype’s new label. As you’ll know I’m held responsible for causing the Black Hole…..

Yeah. It thumps with some pretty heavy production techniques and The Prototypes don’t fuck around. So can we assume you have an established history? Or have you studiously polished your skills before letting your tracks loose into the world? 

Bit of both actually. I had been making tunes for a few years now under a different name but decided to start totally fresh with this project.

However, I’ve been hibernating for a while now crafting my sound and ready to take it up a notch.  The previous experience/knowledge has helped me get to this point I suppose, so all important.

How did The Prototypes / Get Hype link-up happen anyway? And how has it been to see Black Hole Skank used by the guys as a peaktime banger the last few months? 

I received a message from them over summer after they’d heard an older version of Black Hole Skank. We had a meeting about the music and a bit of get-to-know at a Vietnamese Restaurant and that pretty much sold it for us. Good food, good music and good company.

It’s been pretty bonkers, every weekend I’ll receive footage of the track dropping somewhere round the world. It’s encouraging to see the music reaching out and getting such an amazing reaction. I’m also humbled to hear that it’s been getting huge support from other big names now as well.

What’s next on the GL\TCH C\TY agenda?

Taking over the world with an influx of music, of course!

You can catch me this Friday on Brighton’s Trickster FM, debuting at the Get Hype label launch on Saturday, and I will be glitching up Rough Tempo next Wednesday with The Prototypes.

Lots of exciting projects in the pipeline but I’ll keep you guessing for now.

Okay you’re about to get sucked into a black hole of absolute nothingness for eternity – you have 5 minutes to grab 3 items to occupy you while you’re there. What will you take and why?

Obviously once the world’s been conquered it makes sense to Glitch the rest of it.

Who knows what’s on the other side, so probably best the take the tunes with me.

The girlfriend wouldn’t go a miss – everyone has needs.

And finally a bottle of Grey Goose because I’ll have to do it in style won’t I?

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