The Prototypes: We’ve finally finished our album!

city of gold

Last night Viper Recordings duo The Prototypes took to Facebook with a broadcast of emotional proportions: after two years of hard studio slog – and many life challenges – they’ve sent their long-awaited album City Of Gold for mastering.

We last reported on their album July 2014 as the Chris and Nick revealed its release was imminent, that they “felt like their weren’t forcing a path any more” and that they were a lot more confident with their sound.

Album release schedules – especially in drum & bass – are best filed under ‘long’ in pretty much all instances but we reckon City Of Gold’s slow-boil is up there with the wait for Nero’s second album (which is also at mastering stage this month) Something tells us it will be worth the wait, too….

The Prototypes will be launching the album formally at Viper’s debut VIPER LIVE event on March 6 at London’s Electric Brixton. A release date has yet to be confirmed. Here’s their emotional album send-off in full…