Rebel Music release Rebel One: a massive V/A LP to raise money for the NHS

Creatures, RMS, NC-17, Kolectiv, Convex, Hadley, Taelimb and many, many more new-generation artists have teamed up with rising London label Rebel Music for Rebel One: the label’s first V/A album, of which all proceeds will go to the NHS.

18 tracks in total, the album is an epic collection that explores drum & bass music’s most starkest and darkest of terrains while taking in all shades of soul and deepness along the way. Like so many of the project we’re seeing arise in these lockdown times, the album has been a labour of love and another example of immediacy.

“I’m really pleased with how quickly the guys responded to this project,” says label boss OB1. “48 hours from inception and the tracklisting was complete! Huge thanks to everyone involved in this LP, hopefully we can raise a decent amount to help those risking their own health to save others.”

Amen. The album is released on a pay-what-you-can basis on Bandcamp and can be streamed on Spotify. Check out the full release below and read on for thoughts from each of the artists involved.

Kolectiv: “When life seems most challenging, creativity is defiant in the face of adversity. The Rebel Music family working together to bring a plethora of wonderful artistry to support our NHS is possibly one of the best things we have had the honour of being part of. Thank you to all involved.”

Dark Ops: “We wrote Sequence for Rebel Music as we were inspired by the rich back catalogue and we wanted to push our sound. Being part of this project is an honour, not only from a music perspective but also from the humanistic stand point the label is clearly passionate about.”

Spratto: “100% rudebois, 100% belters. This label has been grinding it recently and has been releasing great talent. A pleasure to be a part of it. Big ups the crew.”

Tephra & Arkoze: “When Ben told us about this project to help support the NHS we jumped at the idea as it’s for a great cause and were more than happy to put forward this track. Big respect to the all the staff of the NHS for putting there lives at risk to help people in need. Let’s all stay strong as we’ll get though this. Stay safe and healthy, Rhys & James”

Inner Terrain: “I made Analog Alone during this lockdown period as a form of escapism from all the media hype. If it can take you somewhere else for even just a few minutes I’ve done my job….”

Whychek: “Sending maximum love and respect to all those fighting this horrible virus. Stay strong.”

Hadley: “Really happy to be a part of Rebel Music. I like the vibe Rebel comes with and it’s been a pleasure to work with them. Look out for my forthcoming EP incoming very soon!”

Omega Point: “Forgotten Lands conjured up images in my mind of a distant land and with elements that hail back to earlier times of D&B the title felt like a good fit. Now a few weeks into isolation, hoping that our regular lives can soon be returned to (not forgotten), the track takes on further meaning to me and seemed a suitable contribution to the Rebel One album.”

NC-17: “Rebel One is a tour de force through D&B, it’s a pleasure to work with so many talented artists for a common cause. ”

Convex: “I think it’s wicked how people in the D&B scene have come together to share music, mixes and raise money for charity at a time where raves aren’t possible. This album is part of that movement, so it’s a great project to be part of.”

Science Of Man: “I’m humbled to be a part of this. This is one to remember!”

Confusious: “Stoked to be teaming up with Rebel Music with my track Quality Control. It encapsulates a style of drum & bass I envy plus who doesn’t like a Rasta vocal?”

Creatures: “Rebel to me is a family not just a label. Ben’s basically my dad, Kerim is my older brother, Simon’s that weird uncle… Anyway. Amazing album for a good cause excited to be a part of the charity effort with the Rebel Music fam!”

Equilibr1um: “Music has the ability to break through all boundaries and unites people even when they’re locked down somewhere. We all become one… Rebel One”

Skuff: “Music breaks barriers, Rebels break the mould.”

RMS: “Proud to be part of this monster of a release. Big ups to the Rebel Music Family and to all the fans and supporters. Proper beats for the heads.”

Taelimb: “I will always jump at the chance to work with Ben and the rebel family, especially if it also helps to support our NHS! Wicked label with an amazing selection for the album, proud to be part of the project!

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