Remix Madeon on his Adventure Machine


Here’s a time-robber we can all subscribe to… Ahead of his highly anticipated debut album Adventure, Madeon has just revealed an online remixing tool that has potential to waste hours of your time.

The Adventure Machine is loosely based on a Novation Launchpad (the same grid-based performance hardware Madeon used on his still-awesome Pop Culture mash-up) where each button triggers a different sample from new tracks such as Home, You’re On, Pay No Mind and Imperium.

All tempo-synced and in key, dark blue buttons trigger drums, light blue trigger vocals and lead lines and the red buttons trigger basslines. It’s fun, dangerously addictive and has a share function if you hit that magic combo. With the promise of more samples to come, this is a really cool toy to keep us entertained before the album drops March 30 on Columbia Records.

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