Remix Truth’s Undeniable!


If you’re a budding producer with a penchant for bass then there’s only one remix competition that needs to be on your radar right now.

Launched yesterday by the relentless low-end machine that is Truth, this Beatport Remix Contest allows you to remix their freshest sonic slug-out – Undeniable.

The lead track on their new six track EP – released on their brand new label Deep Dark & Dangerous – it opens with a chilling horror movie riff before dropping into a sizzling, slippery 22nd century drop that suits Ill Chill’s southern drawl like a tailored suit.

The original is hard to beat, but if you don’t aim high don’t bother aiming at all, right?

The prizes are worth aiming for…A future release on Deep Dark & Dangerous, one of the five limited Truth S1 SupPacs we hyped right here, a year’s account with LANDR and Sounds To Sample library access.

Hyped yet? The closing date is December 22… Good luck!

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