Rido launches new label: Rido Music

Fresh from dropping two high key releases this summer, Czech D&B don Rido is to launch his own label Rido Music.

Following the deep space voyages Point/Beyond on Blackout and his massive Rido & The Gang EP on Eatbrain (featuring Jade, Joe Ford and Counterstrike) the label kicks off with rushy rave homage Remember. Nodding respectfully at the legacy of The Prodigy – the band who changed his life and put him on the path he is today – it sets the personal, unbounded tone he wants the label to have.

Plenty more releases are expected to follow, but first will be his most ambitious project to date: Erutuf, a massive A/V project comprising his music and 3D multimedia. The show premiers in January in Prague and he just dropped a teaser. But first, Remember…

How long have you been planning this?

I had it in my mind for a long time, but was concentrating on releasing music on other labels who I love and respect and fit in with my sound. But I was making tunes that didn’t fit any of the labels but I was really proud of so I thought maybe one day I’ll make a label for those tunes and I can represent what I want to say musically.

It’s your own expression from start to finish…

Yes. For me, the beauty of drum & bass has always been an open style, it was never about subgenres it was inspired and influenced by so many things; jazz, rave, reggae, it was a big melting pot and artists could release all kinds of things because people didn’t see variety as a surprise. It took elements of all genres to form a new style. So that’s where I came from and I’ve never been happy to make just one style. I love the broad style and wanted to explore more of that attitude and approach. One day I can make a heavy track, the next day I release a much more chilled out track and release it all myself.

Remember is a salute to the rave days!

Totally. It was this sound that got me into drum & bass. The Prodigy were the first electronic band that made me go ‘what the fuck is this?’ I was blown away by the sound and how futuristic it was. Liam Howlett is a genius and this year has been very sad with Keith Flint passing. For years I’d planned to remix a Prodigy track for fun and to celebrate how they’ve inspired me. But if I was going to do that it would have be done at the best of my abilities if it was going to be taken seriously. I had actually started on a remix of No Good. I made it after I made Remember and both tracks share quite a few elements. I got the remix to Liam and he came back saying ‘yeah cool’, which I was very happy with. He didn’t have to reply. So I may give it away for free, just out of total respect. The interesting thing is I have also been friends with Leroy Thornhill since I invited him to play at my Rhythm Of Life party and have done an official remix of him on Get Hype. That should be coming out in a close future. It’s come full circle.

So The Prodigy connection runs deep. You can hear it in those breaks on Remember

Oh yes. It feels really good to have this as the first release on my label – it reflects the vibe of the music that I was drawn to and started everything. but I hope with a new and fresh sonic twist.

So Rido Music is a going to be about the personal releases while you still work with guys like Blackout and Eatbrain?

Totally. It’s just having another outlet for the things that people might not expect from me, or fit the sound of labels I work with. I like to make lots of different things to stay inspired. Being able to sit down and have the freedom of exploring other genres and translating that into drum & bass is so important.

Amen. What comes next?

I’m still working with Blackout and I have another single in progress for the label . And I’m working on a multi-media combination of electronic music with a 3D realistic story. It’s going to have a premier next year in Prague, in January, and we will see how we can show it to the rest of the world – it’s something I’ve worked on for many many years and we’ve  been raising money for that right now. So that the biggest thing coming next, we just dropped the teaser:

Sounds interesting! Are you still working on film and TV stuff?

I’m no longer full time but I still record orchestras and things like that for film. It was so hard juggling so many jobs. I was drained so I decided to risk it, let go of the secure work and go into the unknown. I didn’t want to regret not doing that. It’s a bit like sport – you can’t do your best unless you put everything into it.

Yeah totally. Will you be signing other artists?

Collabs for sure, because I love collabs. But they have to be in person. For me it’s not a collaboration unless it’s in person. I love being in the company of people and creating – you share, you experience and you learn from each other and you enjoy life. you’re not just sitting on your own in the studio and on the internet

Rido and the gang!

Yes that’s right and all of that was done in real time. It’s a human experience which is so important and inspiring for me. It’s a special thing and one of my favourite things about making music – meeting interesting people and sharing the creative experience in real time. That’s super special. So there’ll definitely be lots of good friends on the label in this way in the future…

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Remember is out now on Rido Music