Right Good times: Mollie Collins reveals more about her new label

Hot on the heels of her debut production – Lost & Found on Macky Gee’s Down 2 Earth – Mollie Collins strikes again this month her second single and her brand new label, Right Good Records.

A plan she’s been hatching for a while now, but put on ice as she joined the ranks at Kiss FM last summer, Right Good will focus on championing new-gen talent, celebrate all forms of bass music and is already locked down with releases until Autumn. It kicked off with Mollie’s single Better On My Own with X Factor star / D&B head-in-disguise singer Bella Penfold. Here’s how it came about… And what’s coming up next.

New label! How long have you been plotting this?

I was thinking about it for a year or so but then the Kiss role came up so I thought I’d leave it for a bit and focus on that and develop the show. So, after a while of settling into that I got together with two other people – my brother Joe Collins and my mate Joe Semark – and we decided to launch it.

Have you been stashing productions for it? Every time I’ve interviewed you we’ve spoken about productions but I know you’ve been keen to not rush that side of things…

Yeah that’s true. I always said it happens when it happens and this year it has. My debut Lost & Found came out on Macky’s label earlier this year! That took the longest time to make. Ages to be honest. So that came out and Macky’s a good mate of mine and it was great to have that exposure as a producer. Then Better On My Own was ready to launch the label with. It came out the other week and now my next one is done as well. So yeah there’s been some stashing going on and we’ve got two releases a month lined up until September. Not just from me, obviously, but a few of the guys on the label who are really exciting me. A wicked range of up-and-comers. The next EP, which is out end of May, has been supported by Target on Radio1 and 1Xtra recently which has been cool.

Who’s that?

IN:FO. He’d sent me a few tunes and I picked two I really liked and signed them. There’s a tune called Babylon that’s been picking up some wicked support. That’s the one Target’s played. Randall, Serum and guys like that are supporting.

Who else?

Gino’s got some stuff coming out. D-Minus, Leaf, Jolliffe, Semark, Just Eden, Sudley. A lot of relatively fresh and new talent coming through who are all making sick music.

You’ve been on that journey as an emerging artist, and still are, so it’s cool to support that

Yeah exactly. I think the label game has changed a bit these days. You don’t actually need that exposure from a label to break through; you’d need a big label to push you. It’s more about the artist and the product.

The label is there to encourage and guide that

Yeah of course. It’s more about support and giving people opportunities.

You mentioned Macky. Has he given you tips on running a label?

Yeah he’s always really helpful. A.M.C was super helpful giving me advice. It’s great to have mates and support like that. Obviously Cygnus have been amazing, I thought it would be a lot harder to set up a label to be honest.

Doing the Kiss show must have influenced how you approach the label?

Yeah I think so. The label, like the show, there’s not one single subgenre we’re after. If it sounds good, it’s going on. A bit like my sets, too. It’s for the love of all styles. We’re going fully in.

Sounds like you are with your productions. How do you end up working with an X Factor contestant?

Bella’s cool! She got to the quarter finals, she stood out on the show and she’s so talented. But I was actually friends with her on Facebook for ages before. She’s been a fan of bass music for ages and asked if I was up for a collaboration years ago. At the time I said no because I wasn’t producing but when I started and knew we could do something I thought I’d hit her up and she was straight on it. Then I got Leah Guest in who wrote my last tune and we all got on it together.

Ah sick, she’s a D&B fan anyway! Always the ones you least expect…

Oh yeah totally, she was buzzing to be on the track. She’s a massive fan. She’s out raving a lot. She was wicked to work with too. We’ll definitely do more in the future.

Awesome. So what’s coming next?

Loads of stuff. Like I mentioned, it’s two releases a month all locked in till September and more being planned as we speak. Loads of sick tunes from the guys I mentioned before – D-Minus, Leaf, Jolliffe, Semark, Just Eden, Sudley – and also a remix EP of my single Better On My Own with Levela on the drum & bass remix then Shosh on a UKG remix, NuBass on a bassline vibe and Semark on a house vibe. We really want to push a much exciting music from as many talented new artists as possible. There’s no specific sound, just proper vibes in any style that inspire us.

Nice. What else do we need to know right now?

I need to shout out my brother Joe and my mate Joe who also own and run the label with me. My brother is doing the accounts and all the important paperwork and admin stuff, Joe, who is also known as the artist Semark, runs the label from a management capacity.

Fam affair!

Yeah it is man. I couldn’t do it on my own. I’m not really one for the more desk job / paperwork side of things, I just want to find and support the music.

That’s a sign of a label that’s here to stay and not just run by an artist for vanity or because it’s the done thing…

Yeah that’s exactly why I didn’t want to set up a label straight away. I wanted to be working with the right people and have something proper set up so it’s something worth supporting and worth paying attention to.

Something Right Good?

Ha! Yeah exactly. Stay tuned, there’s loads more to come…

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