Rob Swire Adds To Pendulum Reunion Hype On Twitter


The Pendulum reunion hype is real.

This Sunday, March 20, at 9.40pm EST, the band will perform together live for the first time in over four years… And it looks like there could be new material to be heard too.

Foundations for this momentous event were set last year when Rob and Gareth put down their knives and partied with El Hornet (who has continued to fly the Pendulum flag hard) at V Festival. Last December Ultra Music Festival confirmed what we’d been hoping for years… The full band will return and perform live at this year’s event.

Since then Rob Swire’s usually explosive Twitter feed has slowed down to a near-trickle as he’s been busy working with the band for the show, occasionally unleashing teasing tweets to keep fans happy: pictures of their iconic guitars, a rehearsal and, last night, a provocative snap of a to-do list littered with censored marks to hide tune titles.

Which tune they’ll be remixing, we don’t know. But considering the Ultra Music Festival line-up now bills the band as Pendulum – Knife Party, it could easily be a Pendulum remix of a Knife Party classic. Or vice versa.

Either way, this Sunday will go down in history as the band remind us to hold our colours once again. Watch out for full details on the live stream on the day. Here are Rob’s last few hype-heaved Pendulum-related tweets running from most recent to oldest.