Rob Swire: “I’m gonna make a new Pendulum album”

Rob Swire is saying what a lot of people are thinking.

Two Tweets are all you need to read for now…

The band – who reformed last year for the first time in five years at Ultra Music Festival, Miami – are currently in the thick of live tour across Europe and Asia. Rob and bandmate/Knife Party partner Gareth McGrillen have mentioned in previous interviews that Pendulum are contracted to record another album but have never confirmed new material during the recent reunion. Until now…

Irrelevant, against the grain and inspired by frustration at the current state of electronic music; this the ideal climate for Pendulum to return with new music and remind us why they had such an impact in the first place. While the album will take time to materialise (if it actually does ) it’s an exciting prospect to consider… And writing won’t commence in earnest until the band finish their current tour.

Last spotted in the UK performing their first live show here since 2011 at NASS festival in July, the band will return to England to headline SW4 Festival on August 26. The UK clearly still has a special place in Rob’s heart.

The feeling’s mutual. We’re not ones to wish the rest of the summer or the year away but Rob’s realtalking here, next year could beย veryย interesting indeed. We’ll keep you posted on developments.

Photo credit: Rukes / Ultra Music Festival