Rob Swire Teases New Knife Party Track

knife party

It’s been a pretty messed up week for Knife Party’s Rob Swire. On Sunday he announced on Twitter that he’d lost serious hearing in his left ear which he’s put down to the chemicals in vaping sticks/e-cigs.

Proffering an array of concerning facts about propylene glycol (the main chemical used in e-cigs) and how its effects when heated remain largely untested, Rob’s so serious about the dangers of vaping he’s offered to fund any serious academic research project.

Mercifully his hearing has been restored and last night he took to Twitter with a different auditory message. This one of the musical variety. The filthy musical variety. At only nine seconds it’s not much to go on, but it still bangs and fill us with hopes that the new Knife Party EP he hinted at over a month ago may well be en route soon…

Well, hopefully. The tweet that followed this clip suggested he wasn’t happy with it. We are, though… As much as you can be from such a short tease!

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