Rockwell Announces Debut Album: Obsolete Medium

rockwell - obsolete medium

Finally!! Rumours and hype surrounding Rockwell’s debut album have been rife for several years. Now it’s official: his debut album Obsolete Medium will be released – on Shogun Audio – on November 27… And it’s well worth the wait.

15 tracks in total, the album galvanises Rockwell’s unique approach to 170-based bass music. Barbed with his hardcore roots, it’s a smelting point between ghetto-tech, juke, jungle, sweaty rave music and mesmerising electronica, comprising collaborations with the likes of Phace, Breakage, Sam Binga, Hyroglifics along the way.

If you’ve read or watched any interview with Rockwell in recent years, you’ll already know it’s the result of an artist who often feels creatively stifled by expectation and general scene noise.

“Being honest, I was struggling for the last few years by trying to write a certain type of music that I thought people were expecting of me, and consequently not making much progress,” he states. “I took a conscious decision to let the tunes develop organically and not try to force their direction. What resulted is a very naturally constructed collection of music reflecting my wide range of influences – punk drum fills, techno basses, dusty white noise and neon synths – whilst not heavily mirroring anything too obviously specific, and eschewing many of the cliches of modern dance music production. All the while, not taking the process too seriously and not being afraid to poke fun at myself and the traps of being an electronic music producer.”

The result of this lengthy creative soul searching will pay off in a major way. No one’s blending like Rockwell and the album will prove that once and for all. Expect to hear the first fresh hit from Obsolete Medium on Mistajam’s 1Xtra show this week. A wry scene statement-come-rave banger entitled Please Please Please (Play This On The Radio) it’s a winning opening gambit for the rest of the album that will follow next month… And it’s coming to UKF Drum & Bass very very soon!

Tracklist: Rockwell – Obsolete Medium

1) Obsolete Medium (skit)
2) Faces ft. Lauren L’Aimant
3) INeedU
4) Lines Of Ground Glass
5) 14Me
6) ItsOk2BHapp-E ft. Sam Binga & Hyroglifics
7) Guts / Blood / Sex / Drugs ft. Jams
8) Negative Approach (skit)
9) Please Please Please (Play This On Radio)
10) Dizzle
11) Macbook Jungle Crew (Your Time)
12) Bait
13) Technoir ft. Breakage
14) Rave Cult ft. Phace
15) Music 2000
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