Rockwell is back!

It’s been a long time since Tom Rockwell last graced our playlists. But he’s back with his first single since February 2020… Estranged, out now on his own label Obsolete Medium with LaMeduza on vocals.

“Estranged was written during lockdown when dance music wasn’t really at the top of mine or anyone else’s agenda,” explains Rockwell whose last release was called Isolation Ritual and ironically dropped just a month before we did literally have to isolate from each other.

“I have to big up Pete from Overview, who heard the track and recommended LaMeduza. I was struggling to find a vocalist to collaborate with who would lean toward the sultry, gothic tone I was after.”

It’s a tone we’ve been missing for some time and marks the start of a new series of Rockwell sounds that take his unique, distinctive signature even further beyond the conventional realms of DJ friendly unit shifters and see him collaborating with more vocalists in the future.

“I very much think of music in terms of ‘environment’. There is music I enjoy listening to at home, music I enjoy listening to in the club, and music I enjoy listening to in the gym, and often these can be diametrically opposed in terms of tone, texture, and energy,” says Tom. “As the ‘club’ environment didn’t/does not exist for me during/post lockdown this had a massive bearing on my music. I didn’t want to release anything for an environment that didn’t ‘exist’, and also I was heavily influenced by the type of music I was listening to at home, resulting in most of my new tracks being very vocal-led – something I have experimented with in the past, but not concentrated on. I look forward to releasing more of these over the coming months and seeing what people think!”

It starts with Estranged this week. Grab it here and follow Rockwell for details on his future releases as he reveals more…