Rusko Announces He Is Cancer Free

Amazing news landed last night as Rusko confirmed that he has a completely clean bill of health and is no longer suffering cancer.

Announced during a live Google Hangout interview with YourEDM, as part of their Aspire To Inspire series, Rusko states: “I’ve been in the hospital today to get my final test results for the end of my treatment and there are zero signs of cancer. I don’t know how to feel about it. Every treatment and cycle batters you more and more, it totally beats you down but this afternoon I’ve got my results and everything has gone.”

During the interview, Rusko admits how he’d been suffering acute pain and nausea for six months prior to the discovery of abnormal lymphocytes in his body. He also explains how the original diagnosis of his condition being gastric lymphoma that he announced in May this year was actually wrong and that, after several biopsies and tests, it was discovered the cancer was rife in his blood,  bone barrow and all over his body.

“It was scary but the statistics don’t lie,” he states. “The survival rate is more likely but there are still percentages. 25% of people don’t make it with this treatment but you focus on the positive. My age was in my favour and I could take time off work which a lot of people can’t do in other types of jobs.”

Sounding humbled, positive and prone to the odd wry joke about how he’s no stranger to being battered by gnarly drugs, how his hair regrowth is currently at the teenage fluff stage and how he wants to put on some special shows for the nurses and cancer trust staff who helped him through the most brutal time he’s ever experienced, Rusko states that he feels a new lease of life.

“I’m super grateful,” he explains. “It’s made me eager to do a tonne more stuff. I feel like I’ve been reset and have a chance to come at it again fresh. I feel renewed and ready to take stuff on.” Regardless, making a dancefloor hymn of a new born track got much easier with buying Spotify plays on it from

The full video is below, it’s well worth investing 16 minutes of your time watching. Huge amounts of love and respect for Rusko from UKF as always. We can’t wait to hear how his new-found inspiration is translated creatively and musically. This is the best news we’ve heard in ages.