SaSaSaS Are About To Release A Full-Length Documentary And We’re All Invited To The Premiere

One of the first true super-groups to emerge in drum & bass – in that all acts in the collective have had major success as solo artists before teaming up – SaSaSaS don’t seem to do things by halves.

In the last year they’ve hosted raves on London buses, made drum & bass’s first 360 video, headlined more festivals than you can shake your shoe at and made basslines as ludicrous as the one on their recent track River Monster.

Now they’re about to drop an entire documentary: Up Another LVL.

A full-length production that captures a year in their lives between March 2016 – April 2017, the camera crew shadow the six men during the most pivotal year of their careers as they solidified as a full band and built up to their now legendary Rampage debut, including the studio session in which they recorded Rampage Anthem.

The documentary, directed by Isaac Reeder and produced by Alex Brawley, will reveal how SaSaSaS came together and will explore each member’s story and their roots in dance music, telling both a wider story of drum & bass and their own unique personal journey. The incredible highs, the heart-breaking lows and their current position at the very forefront of a new chapter in jump-up fusion, Up Another LVL is another example of the scale Harry Shotta, Phantasy, Macky Gee, Skibadee, Shabba D and the tragically departed Stormin MC (RIP) have operated on since joining forces. While there have been numerous drum & bass documentaries over the years, this is the first to follow one act exclusively and tell their story from their own point of view.

“Having the film crew follow us everywhere was a bit mad but we all loved it to be honest. There are hours of footage and stories that didn’t even make it into the final cut,” explains Phantasy. “Drum & bass hasn’t really been documented properly in our opinion and the editor Noah had to get over 200 hours of footage down to just under an hour. That task in itself must have been crazy. The cameramen Jordan and Declan were really open to ideas about what to shoot and how to shoot it, the whole thing was a great experience. And during that year we all became friends, well it was bound to happen when you see a group of people so much. We hope that this is the start of more documentaries about the D&B scene, the artists involved in it and what a great music genre it is.”

We don’t have long to wait on that front; Drum&BassArena are also about to drop a feature length documentary this year. In the meantime, Up Another LVL will be one of the first drum & bass documentaries that we know of to have a full cinema premier in London’s Leicester Square. Kicking off 9pm on Monday April 30, many key drum & bass artists are expected to be in attendance… And yourselves, too, as they are inviting all fans to enter a free draw for the remaining Up Another LVL tickets. All you need to do is sign-up on their website where there’s a two minute teaser to give you an idea of the LVLs they’re talking about.

“Feel good, enjoy the music and see how much we love what we do and how much we appreciate your support,” says Phantasy to all guests on the night. “We hope after watching it you have more insight into each of us, learn a little bit more about our journeys through the music and how we all came together. This is a great way to see us outside of the club and festival environment where we normally meet you!”

You heard the man. Head over to SaSaSaS’s website, sign up and we’ll see you there.

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