Satl Announces New 8-Track EP – 4Lyfe

FUN FACT: Satl loves massive EPs.

None of that four-track max business. No less is more. With the freedom and trust labels like Integral and The North Quarter have in him, for Satl an EP will always be the size it needs to be to tell the full story.

We saw this last year with Things We Can’t See, an exploration of his furthest parameters from dub to techno to soul. Now, just over six months later, comes 4Lyfe. Similar in weight, slightly more focused in stylistic range, 4Lyfe is a straight D&B collection that largely flexes in the sunnier side of the young Polish artist’s sound. Complete with a few darker, system-ready rump-shaking moments, it’s yet another reminder of why he’s risen to his position he’s at and the unanimous top tier peer support he’s had.

The first track – So Much Better – drops today, another track will drop in two weeks and the full EP lands July 31. Here’s where Satl is at right now…

4Lyfe…. Kinda feels like we’ve been on lockdown 4lyfe… How has your covid experience been?

Ha! It wasn’t too bad, managed to move back to my homeland just before lockdown so I’m happy I was close to my family and friends.

Good time to write music though eh? Have you found enough inspiration to write? In fact, were these tracks written during the lockdown?

Yeah definitely! I have been writing quite a lot but a big part of that is non drum and bass, though. I needed little break from the fast tempo. I think one of them was written during lockdown. The last piece of puzzle. Most of these were written before that.

Tell us about the music. There’s a strong summer vibe running through most of this…

These tracks were made for my summer gigs last year. I didn’t manage to finalise it all last year so I though it’s better to not release any EP on Integral in 2019 and just get a bigger one ready for 2020. I’m really pleased with the results and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it all.

The project in its entirety kinda feels like a mini album again. Size and consistency wise. But from the last interview we did I know it’s definitely not meant as an album, right?

Totally mate! I kinda like this big format. It allows me to present some more music that I think is worth releasing but without being too stressed that the EP must have just four or five tunes and feel I need to cut some out. It’s really important for me as an artist to present things how I want.

Are you still writing 30-40 sketches a week?

Still going strong.

Nice! We spoke about the techno influence last time. I can feel that on Yin and I can hear serious dubby vibes on Yang. Bad bad tunes!

Thank you Dave. These two tracks actually started from one project. I just had this sketch that I was stuck with for a while and one day I just came back to it. While working on it I felt I can take it into two different directions. I think they both complement each other and that’s why I decided to call them Yin and Yang.

Will 4Lyfe be a series or concept you’ll be building on once these tracks are out?

Doing bigger projects like this, or my Things We Can’t See EP on The North Quarter, allows me to fully present what I want. I think making each project different and individual makes more sense to me. But yeah, this is just an individual piece as a concept and not part of any series

Tell us how the tracks are going to roll-out release-wise…

First we are releasing So Much Better. Then two weeks after we are putting out Feelings. Then after that, at the end of July, the full EP will be out.

What comes next? And are you seeing light at the end of the tunnel? Are bookings starting to come in again in the distant future?

My follow up EP on North Quarter is almost done. I got a remix for fellow polish friends Catz N Dogz out this summer on their label. I’m working on a non-drum and bass alias to experiment a bit with other genres and styles but it’s too early to say when this will see the light yet. I have a few gigs coming in just here in Poland so far though. I see myself more as producer than DJ anyway so I’m using the time without gigs on production. I’d rather wait until its fully safe to play again instead getting frustrated for not being able to do it and going to party.

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