Savant activates major Zion hype!


The switch-flipping 80s soft rock operatics of Protos have barely had time to settle in our tiny little minds and Savant is already upping the hype and intrigue on his next album.

Confirmed for a release on December 13 (12.13.14 – nice touch), Zion looks set to remind us that Savant can still kill it with the darker dancefloor material, no matter how many guitar solos he can tap, or Japanese lyrics he’s learnt.

He’s already told us that now he’s ‘over his 80s twitch he’ll be going back in on the heavier stuff’ and the past few days on his Facebook account he’s proved exactly that. Here’s what’s gone down in the last 48 hours…

Friday: he unleashed this clip…

Strutting synths, a tripletty beat, no clue as to what’s coming next. It’s Savant all over… And it caused a whole slew of heated comments, including some from Savant himself. It’s a pretty long thread so we’ll sum it up here: forget genres.

Sunday night: he developed the hype with this clip…

Undiluted dubstep, just like mamma used to make. Savant’s comments say it all: “Next album is all but soft. This will be tentacle rape of the highest order.” Ouch!

This morning: he confirmed an intriguing Rob Swire connection…

Rob Swire and Savant in cahoots?

That would be awesome. Not quite, but still interesting is this update he put up just hours ago:

I sampled Rob Swire from an interview in one of my biggest songs from the new album. Big props and salutes to Rob for letting me use it! Great guy!”

If these teasers don’t get you hyped for Savant’s second album this year, we don’t know what will. Bring on December 13!

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