Savant Completes Himself

savant complete

A matter of weeks remain until Savant unleashes his eleventh album Zion. Teasing us with a constant trickle of hype and revelations on his Facebook page, he’s given fans sneaky peaks for several months now…

This most recent revelation is one of a retrospective nature: in a bid to bring us all up to speed, he’s compiled his entire official discography (151 tracks) and packaged them up in one neat project on his Bandcamp shop entitled Savant- Complete.

From the Bach to basics footsteps of Ninur to the madcap future forecasts of last year’s Orakel via this year’s operatic madness mission Protos, Savant’s widescreen, turbo-charged creativity is documented in its entirety. And, for the first 100 downloads, even includes the special Indiegogo Thank You project released last year.

A great way to get acquainted and while the $50 price tag might seem a little daunting… that still works out at a bargain 30 cents a tune. If you’re not already up to speed on Savant then now is most definitely the time. Then continue to count down the days until Zion lands on December 13…

Check Savant – Complete