Savant Completes Himself

savant complete

A matter of weeks remain until Savant unleashes his eleventh album Zion. Teasing us with a constant trickle of hype and revelations on his Facebook page, he’s given fans sneaky peaks for several months now…

This most recent revelation is one of a retrospective nature: in a bid to bring us all up to speed, he’s compiled his entire official discography (151 tracks) and packaged them up in one neat project on his Bandcamp shop entitled Savant- Complete.

From the Bach to basics footsteps of Ninur to the madcap future forecasts of last year’s Orakel via this year’s operatic madness mission Protos, Savant’s widescreen, turbo-charged creativity is documented in its entirety. And, for the first 100 downloads, even includes the special Indiegogo Thank You project released last year.

A great way to get acquainted and while the $50 price tag might seem a little daunting… that still works out at a bargain 30 cents a tune. If you’re not already up to speed on Savant then now is most definitely the time. Then continue to count down the days until Zion lands on December 13…

Check Savant – Complete

4 thoughts on “Savant Completes Himself”

  • “his entire official discography (151 tracks)”
    So what’s this talk about 10 thousand tracks?
    Honestly have nothing against his music, but this miracle savant (edm) musician worship is laughable.

    • Mate, I wouldn’t comment without full understanding. Anybody who knows EDM knows that musicians also produce remixes, free songs and are featured in/do collabs with others. The song in this collection are all of his own full albums, not collabs, free singles and remixes which equal about 300 all together. Then there are his completely unreleased tracks which about 40-50+ have been shown in mixes and mixtapes on his Soundcloud.
      This is about 350-400 already without the other unheard tracks. Then, there are his other music production titles, he’s not just Savant. Savant is one of the many names Aleksander goes by. There is Vinter in Hollywood, Vinter in Vegas and Datakrash (I think there are more too) which all have a phenomenal amount of music released and unreleased under each of his titles.
      This is all without mentioning that he is realeasing another 18 track album in a few days (Zion, and its great!) and is working on a 10+ track EP/Album already (Invasion).
      It is not the amount of music this machine of a producer creates but his loyalty and interaction with his fans, his ability to make every kind of music imaginable to an extremely high standard (not opinion, all of his music sells particularly well) and most of all, he has a unique sound that nobody else has and his music can never be replicated (please check out all of his music btw, because every song is completely different and everyone will find something they will love in his discography.)

      • I’d rather not, excuse me.
        So what you essentially mean is that every little leftover piece not worthy of an official release is a finished song?

        Just constantly seeing enthusiastic praise from even the most skeptical forums about this guy makes me think he actually has a promo team to write this bullshit together..

        Phenomenal amount of music? barely
        unique sound? not so sure about that

        every song is completely different? yet it all(read: some 3 albums i bothered to go through) could be, quite fittingly, narrowed down to uninspired EDM and brostep.

        ehh, why am i even bothering. you’ll probably grow out of edm and laugh at what you just wrote at any point you actually start caring about (electronic) music.

        • >ehh, why am i even bothering. you’ll probably grow out of edm and laugh at what you just wrote at any point you actually start caring about (electronic) music.

          Lol GTFO you damn hipster

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