Savant reveals new alias: Vinter

Ever-prolific, occasionally mysterious, consistently creative: Alex Vinter – known most famously as mile-a-minute genre-melter Savant – revealed another new project over the weekend: Vinter.

A return to his pop-like Vinter In Hollywood style of songwriting but with a barbed sense of 2017 satire, Vinter is the alias we need in these cynical times but probably don’t deserve. It’s called The Internet, it’s about life as we know it in the late 2010s, it comes with his own artwork and, as always, his tongue is set firmly in cheek.

As always with a new project from the LA-based Nordic maverick, or anything online full-stop, fan reactions range from deep love to outrage hate. Check it for yourself right here…

For additional Vinter fuel, check the Datakrash production credit. Another alias of Alex’s revealed earlier this year, Datakrash is his space-bound beats-focused project which dropped a mix last month. Entitled Mood Mode Mixtape, it’s a 36 minute trip that’s well worth lending your ears to. Oh and if that’s still not enough Alex Vinter freshness for you, he’s also dropped his long-awaited official remix of the theme to cult adventure game Owlboy.

We have it on good authority that the Vinter project is just warming up. Follow him to see what he drops next…