Savant teams up with DMX & Snoop Dogg for latest single

savant snoop

Savant told us he was heading in new directions this year. He wasn’t lying.

First came the acoustic pop charmer Fire, then his immense multi-character/dimensional Cassette concept. The last two months we’ve also experienced two highly emotional beat frenzies Savior and Forsaken. All of which have come complete with stunning videos, all nerdishly dense in game, internet and technology references.

His latest, however, takes things up several levels. Firstly, he’s working with two of hip-hop’s biggest 90s names; the instantly distinctive bars of DMX and Snoop Dogg. Secondly, he animated the deliciously old school PS1-style video. Thirdly, with its tight two-step and booty-shaking dynamic, it’s a sick track. Listen to it below.

His 12th studio album – Vex – is en route and has been on the cards and discussed by him in interviews and on social media since Invasion landed 19 months ago. It seems we’ve still got a little time to wait but the consistent barrage of new direction sounds is set to continue with the Vybz EP coming later this month…

Here’s Savant & DMX featuring Snoop Dogg – Get It Get It

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