Segment & Concept Vision Announce Name Change


It’s official: Russian neuro duo Segment & Concept Vision are set to change their name to Synergy with immediate effect.

Musically it’s business as usual. Name changes aren’t a new thing for either party, too… Prior to them starting to working together in 2014 Segment (aka Igor) operated under the name Z Connection and Concept Vision (aka Evgenii) was known as Twisted Facts. Now the duo have found a slick workflow and a dynamic where they complement each other.

“Without Igor our music wouldn’t sound as crystal clear as it sounds now,” explains Evgenii Concept Vision. “I tend to bring initial concept. If I focus too much on the mix, it’s easy to lose the idea.

“Without Evgenii many tracks would not have been written,“ agrees Igor Segment. “He brings strong concepts and that’s where my part of work starts. We perfectly complement each other in creating the music. We motivate each other and overcome difficult situations. Sometimes one of us start thinking about if something went wrong, but then we look back at what we’ve done so far and that gives us power to go further.”

This year the duo have gone further than before in either of their careers with key releases and remixes on Eatbrain (including two massive EPs Mammoth and Roar), Critical, Dutty Audio and Subtitles. With more attention – and bookings – than before, they decided some synergy was in order. Literally.

“We finally decided to create a name because we can’t travel together every time,” they explain. “Synergy is our real, daily concept. Cooperation, support, assistance, complicity. Together we are stronger!”

The name came about after 90 ideas and over a year and a half of brainstorming. Once agreed, Eatbrain founder Jade (AKA Gabor, the man behind all the iconic Eatbrain artwork and a lot more for other labels behind the scenes) cemented the name change with a new logo.

“When we saw it for the first time, both of us said ‘WOW!'” explains Concept Vision. “It has a deep sense and characterizes us as a duo. After that I tattooed it, because it means a lot for me personaly. I grew up without a father, he left me with my mom when I was 3 years old. No one supported me as a musician when I started writing music by myself. When I look back at all the path I see what I’ve accomplished and what I want to achieve in the future. This tattoo helps me to see my strength and perseverance.”

To remind yourself of the duo’s sonic strength and perseverance, you won’t have long to wait. Their first tune as Synergy will drop imminently on Neodigital’s Eurofunk Vol 2 release: Rage!

“It’s a very unusual track from us,” they explains. “It’s one of the most adventurous experiments that we’ve made to date. It was signed very quickly and was a big surprise to see the personal messages with good feedback from Flo and Michael. These giants personally wrote to us that they liked it and now we have become part of a very responsive and friendly family – Neosignal. We thank them for this chance!”

Following that there’s another hefty five track EP due on Eatbrain and whole heap more moving into the new year. Goodbye Segment & Concept Vision, hello Synergy.

Synergise: Soundcloud / Facebook / Instagram