“Send me your dubs!” Mollie Collins joins Kiss FM

This week sees rising star Mollie Collins join the ranks at Kiss. The latest, and largest, station in a consistent history of broadcasting that dates back to stints on pirate stations years before she broke through internationally. Replacing the network’s longest standing junglist DJ Hype, a constant on the station for almost 25 years, Mollie will be the sole representative of the genre on the network. No pressure, then.

We called her up to find out more….

Biggup on joining Kiss!  How did the opportunity arise?

I know man it’s a mad ting’! I have done a few guest mixes for them before and they called me in to do some pilot stuff in case an opportunity ever came to join the station. Obviously badman Hype was repping on the station for 24+ years and, as he recently left, they offered me the position and here we are!

I heard you’ve had a voice coach for this. Do you have plans to eventually become a news reporter?

Ha ha! Oh yeah man this time next year for our next article: Mollie Collins Channel 4 News reporter! Kiss are obviously a professional station so they like to have everyone sounding similar across the specialist shows. Obviously it’s a lot different to the stations I have been on before. However, I am up for the challenge and it’s all good fun!

Talking of new styles. Will you be representing 360° of the drum and bass sound? How do you plan on tackling the mass of tracks that will flood your inbox? That’s got to be a full time job!

Ready, mate ready! My plans for the show are to keep it like you would hear from me in a live set, 360° drum & bass but obviously it’s Kiss Fresh so there will be tons of new music every week, not just from the most established guys in the scene either. I’m always up for showcasing some of the new guys music, if it bangs, it’s going in! I have always been slow at going through my promos because of gigs at weekends and concentrating on my own production but I have a new formula in place where I will spend a day each week going through them and spending time building the radio show!

People should expect what.. 45 tracks crammed into an hour at least? That’s some going and a big requirment on mixing ability. Do you do these in one take in the same respect as a live DJ set? PRESSURE!

Ha ha! People should expect the full spectrum of drum & bass. A LOT of tracks, I think for my first show there is about 47, but there is so much good music out at the moment and I only have an hour! This is a mix show with a bit of hosting, however, it’s all about the music 100%!

It will all depend on what sort of show we are doing to how many takes I can have ha ha! We will be starting the show with me showcasing music and mixing, then we have plans for guests to come in and join me for Christmas special shows and things like that!

Drum and bass or jungle heads usually grow up listening to pirate radio in some form, could the same be said for you? Any favourite moments from the past spring to mind? Who was your airwaves inspiration?

It’s weird because before I played out live, I was mixing on a pirate station where I live called True Flavas. I did this from my bedroom, this must have be about three or four years ago now. I then went to Rough Tempo, I think for a year, then I was at Reprezent Radio for 18 months which is where I really learnt the most about radio and they taught me a lot. In terms of inspiration I always looked up to the likes of Annie Mac, Target, Mistajam, Toddla T, Majestic and Hype. All different styles of shows but all great within themselves.

On a final note, if anyone wants to get their music to you, what’s the best way?

Please send any subgenre of drum and bass music to I look forward to checking it out! Thanks!

Catch Mollie Collins every Tuesday evening from 9 till 10pm on Kiss Fresh.