Silent Dust return with new album: Listen To The Night

Highly respected deepsmiths and none60 bossmen Silent Dust have confirmed that their long awaited sophomore album will land September 28.

Entitled Listen To The Night, the album reminds us why Hobzee and Zyon Base’s Silent Dust sound played such a strong role in the autonomic movement and remains in its own deep league to this day. Weighing in at 11 tracks, it takes off from where they left us with their eponymous self titled LP and their recent bootleg / version album Fragments; cosmic, woozy, warm and uncategorizable.

“We had planned to follow up our debut album quickly,” they explain. “But we enjoyed the freedom of releasing singles and opening up none60 to other artists. Seven years and 30(!?) none60 releases later we have the follow up!”

Listen To The Night rolls with a vital hip hop theme running throughout as collaborations with a range of indie MCs and vocalists such as SelfSays, Illingsworth, Zilla Rocca, Terror and Sina help to characterise the experience and bring the album together.

“We can’t wait to get it out there and for people to hear it,” they state. “Since our first album we’ve been collaborating  with some really talented vocalists and those guests make the album what it is.”

Once again DRS will play a lead role on the album with the the savagely honest and raw track Refuse. In keeping with what’s becoming a Silent Dust tradition, his track will be the lead single and come with a Calibre remix. Setting the scene for the entire album, Calibre’s refix is  as good, if not better, than his legendary remix of 1959 seven years ago. It’s due out September 14 and the full album will drop two weeks later on September 28.

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