Six drum & bass labels join forces for brand new London event: Community

AKO Beatz, Emcee Recordings, Goldfat Records, Inperspective Records, Rebel Music and Trust Audio have united to create a brand-new regular London drum & bass event: Community.

Kicking off October 7 at Rolling Stock nightclub, East London, Community is an exciting, diverse event that celebrates the full spectrum of jungle drum & bass sounds. It follows a scene custom that’s as deep as MCs, rewinds, dubplates and online dramas: ‘School night’ weeklies have been the central social hubs where many of the scene’s key figures can enjoy a night off, catch up with peers and pals without having to rush off for another set and absorb the new music each DJ is flexing.

From Rage to Speed to Swerve to Movement to Blue Note to Soul In Motion, regular non-weekend events have had a huge influence in both the way the sound has developed and the way connections are made among artists, DJs, labels and ravers alike. Without these institutions over the years, this music would not be anywhere near as healthy or have as much character and longevity.

Now comes a brand-new addition to the tradition: Community ensures lines-ups like no other across the genre’s richest possible parameters each and every week as artists from every label come together for each full-flavoured line-up. From the brazen breakbeat heaven of AKO to the rolling gold of Trust Audio by way of Goldfat’s soul, Inperspective’s innovation, Emcee’s eclecticism and Rebel Music’s full body armour futurism, each Community night guarantees a full menu. Bangers ala carte.

DJs and MCs on board obviously include the label heads GQ, Chef, Stretch, Trex, Quest, OB1, Mr Porter and Chris Inperspective but also acts such as Equinox, Blackeye MC, Jappa, PRSPKTV, Kolectiv, Decibella, Illmatika, Mechanizm, Ghost Hardware, Shiva and Siege. Many more guests and label friends and affiliates are expected to play as Community develops and becomes a staple in the capital’s jungle D&B calendar.

Community commences on October 7. Full info and membership details can be found here. We checked in with each label boss for a little pre-match hype below…


AKO Beatz

Stretch: Community and inclusion are very important to the AKO brand, something we’ve always done without even thinking about it. We’ve never had to worry about gender or race as we have always included everybody with talent and even nurture talent. If you have the drive and willing to learn and be patient. Something that was taught at Reinforced Records. So the idea where six labels come together to unite and bring a community feel to some new exciting projects especially the monthly night that will take place mid-week showcasing some of the label’s talents with guest DJs and upcoming talents. AKO has always been about community so we’re very excited to be part of this new project and we think bringing different sounds together will be exciting for the raver.


Emcee Recordings

Chef: I was always considered an outsider growing up in east London in the 80s. Finally the 90s let me find a group of like-minded people who were just about enjoying the music, no matter where you came from or who you were finding that space on the dance floor shoulder to shoulder meant everything in the 90s. Fast forward 2021 history repeats itself when a collective of like-minded labels with no egos and a straight up underground music policy bring us all together again. I can’t wait to share the music and vibes that all the labels will bring to the event as we step forward as a community.


Goldfat Records

Mr Porter: Community is about what we share in common, what unites us and also understanding the value and rewards of working together. We’re really excited to be working with these labels. Each brings their own unique flavour, and together we’re gonna give you a wonderful blend of sounds. Goldfat is all about that deep soul vibe, and you can expect to hear plenty of that from the camp and some of our special friends. We aim to deliver a fresh, vibrant, inclusive event in the heart of the capital. Together we are community!


Inperspective Records

Chris Inperspective: It’s incredibly exciting to have Inperspective Records join with this fantastic concept with these other amazing labels. In these times, we really need unity in as many aspects as possible and Community is an event that is completely and utterly committed to connecting people whether it be socially or creatively. I’m very much looking forward to a long and productive future with this project. 


Rebel Music

OB1: What an exciting opportunity to be part of something that truly showcases the different sounds of London D&B. We’re gassed to be working alongside the other labels who all bring something really special with thier own unique flavours. There’s music there for everyone and to anyone looking to try a D&B night for the first time, this could be the perfect place to get that full spectrum sound!


Trust Audio

Quest: Community is life and unity is strength so when Ben (OB1) came to us with this idea, straight away we knew this was something we want to be a part of. A collective of labels based in the capital, all doing their own thing but coming together as one entity is at the essence of what rave culture is about, so it feels right to do this and we’re excited about it. The artists we can all bring together really makes the line ups interesting and different to what’s out there right now.

Community starts on October 7 @ Rolling Stock, London. 

More info and membership