Skankandbass raise money for MIND by celebrating D&B pioneers

Show your appreciation for the founding fathers while you’re on the road this summer with these slick and succinct tees launched by our friends at Skankandbass.

Minimal, to-the-point and woven with respect. All names on the tee have officially approved their place on these garms, they’re unisex and all profits go to leading UK mental health awareness organisation MIND.

They look cool. They list some of the most influential names who’ve pushed, pulled and pounded drum & bass into the vibrant, healthy and globe-slapping state it is today. There’s a cheeky in-joke with the Hype lines that only you and fellow heads will get and they’re a massive hit with people who love ampersands. Most importantly, though, you get to contribute to a crucial movement who provide essential support, help and advice for people when they really need it – including many in the music industry. These tees tick big boxes.

Suns out guns sick tees out: the Skankandbass Drum & Bass Legends series is strictly limited edition. Here’s where you can find them.