Skream & Rusko to perform old school B2B at EDC 2019

Photo source: Skream / Rusko


They have only ever played one B2B together before in their careers…

EDC’s full line-up was announced yesterday, March 27. As always with the Las Vegas megafestival low-end representation is prominent on all three days between May 17-19 (thank you Bassrush) but it’s the Friday that’s got everybody talking as Skream will play one of his rare old school dubstep sets… And he’ll be doing so with the one and only Rusko.

“I’ll be playing Skream records from 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007,” states Skream in an interview he and Rusko did with Mixmag earlier this week. “When I say it out loud, it doesn’t make any sense to me, but what I’m forgetting is the kids who are 18, 19, 20 and 21… they were in fucking kindergarten in 2005! I declared I was never going to do it again because I’m only about moving forward, but I love the music I’ve made years ago. And I still do. So it’s like, fuck it, whatever. Let’s have a huge party.”

“I literally did NOT think Skream was gonna be up for this,” adds Rusko. “It was the longest shot of longest shots as it’s well known he hadn’t played a dubstep set for years. Stylistically though, his classic output and mine – like a glove mate. It’s gonna be seamless.”

The full interview is a reavealing read as Skream explains how their only previous B2B ended up with him “getting loose” and going AWOL after 10 minutes. He also shares some fantastic points about how dubstep never lost its soul or died but simply went back underground. Rusko, meanwhile, addresses the reputation both acts have had over the years as bon viveurs who have enjoyed dance music’s extra curricular activities a little too much and promises there’s going to be a method to their old school madness.

“We actually have a couple of days set aside purely to create a game plan and rehearse as we are both known for err… sometimes focusing on parting rather than mixing,” he states. “It’s, of course, going to be everything you expect – a comprehensive history lesson of classic dubstep delivered pretty sloppily with much excitement and movement. Party time!”

Party time indeed. Skream and Rusko aren’t the only interesting b2b on the opening night of EDC. Danny Byrd and Rene LaVice and Friction and Metrik will also be going toe to toe on the Basspod. They’ll be joined by the likes of Andy C, Ganja White Night, Funtcase, Joyryde, The Glitch Mob and so many more acts. And that’s the just the Friday. See below for EDC’s full three day line up.

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