Skrillex & Diplo set shut down by Dutch police

jack u

The word roadblock is liberally thrown around in club/party vernacular. But in the case of Skrillex & Diplo’s impromptu set after Amsterdam’s Kings Day festival, it literally was…

After an epic performance at Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium (where they were joined by the likes of Knife Party, Snails, Kygo and many more), Skrillex was spotted at his dressing room window.

Naturally the Jack U duo did the honorable thing and decided to set up shop at their dressing room window. Diplo stated on Twitter “we set up turntables outside our dressing room after kings day fest and played music out the window.”

His Instagram clip below shows the scale of crowd they’d attracted. It was promptly shut down by the Dutch police.

This isn’t the first time Diplo and Skrillex have ruffled the long feathers of the law. Their 24-hour webcast, during which they dropped their debut album, was also shut down by the coppers 18 hours deep into party mode.

H/T: EDM Sauce
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