Skrillex has done a VIP of Dimension – UK!

Cited and selected by artists across all corners of the board Dimension’s UK was, without question, one of the most distinctive, original and hardest hitting drum & bass tracks of 2016.

Continuing to smash its way through the new year, the tale of the snare-heavy track has taken another interesting turn as none other than Skrillex has added his own VIP magic to it. As Dimension showed us this Saturday at our insane Printworks event…

With added siren hype on the builds and a few subtle twists along the way, Skrillex’s well-publicised love for drum & bass has gone up a gear right here. While drum & bass has been staple ingredient in his sets for many years, the fact that he’s now adding his own personal twists to authentic jungle lashers of UK’s calibre is a whole new level.

You can most likely count the amount of DJs on the planet with a copy of this VIP on one hand (maybe even two fingers) and we suspect this may never see the release light of day. But still, credit is due: to Dimension for carving such a powerful, uncompromising tune that brings everyone together and simply refuses to quit… And to Skrillex for picking up on it. Keep you ears out.