Skrillex reveals new album… On a bowling video

skrillex bowling

It seems the Jack U album isn’t the only long player Skrillex is delivering this year. It appears he also has a solo album in the pipeline. And he confirmed the news on one of the most random channels… The International Art Of Bowling.

The interview took place earlier this year in Chicago and the revelation can be found at around the 1.40 mark in the video. Clearly filmed before the Jack U album dropped in February, he follows up the now old news with word on a new solo album stating…

“We got a Jack U album coming out, then there’s a Skrillex album coming out soon…”

Unfortunately the hosts Belmo and Diandra didn’t really realise that this was exclusive news and didn’t press for more information. Instead they asked about coming to a show before continuing to help Skrillex perfect his technique. Or at least hit some pins.

Here’s the video. But you’ve already got the gist. Highly recommended if you a) like bowling or b) want to watch Skrillex polish his balls (sorry)

Seriously though, we’re excited about the prospect of a follow up to Recess and hope it comes earlier rather than later.